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Sun, Jul. 30th, 2006, 01:02 pm

Devil Rays 19, Yankees 6.

Sadly, Josh Paul had nothing to do with that effort, considering that neither Shields nor Kazmir was pitching, and Seth McClung was long ago sent back to Durham. (There's some chatter of calling him back up now that Scott Kazmir's shoulder is gone, but I'd imagine they'd pull someone up who's potentially, y'know, talented.) Paul's catching Shields today, and I'm anxiously awaiting another rout with YES on my screen.

I like to be disappointed, you see.

Anyway, in answer to the anonymous person who below expressed concern for my beard, I began regrowing it immediately and it's back to its normal thickness now. I feel much better. However, in the future, if you want to suggest that perhaps I've made a mistake in shaving my beard, I'd prefer you contacted me directly. I mean, considering the limited number of people who've been emailed the photos, you obviously have access to my email address, and so if there was a chance that you misinterpreted my motives in shaving my beard, it would avoid embarrassment for both of us to try to hash that out directly.

LJ drama's so high school.