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Sun, Mar. 26th, 2006, 01:56 pm

Lately, I keep getting these absolutely mindbending headaches. Of course, when I worried aloud about a brain tumor, it was overheard by a friend of mine whose brother does have a brain tumor. Ah, the joys of having to appear sensitive.

I finished my petition for SBA President Friday night, and it's now in the appropriate box. Who'da thunk it? Tom finishes his petition at a bar. I know, you're shocked. It was, however, the standard Friday at 5 at Bar None, except that about ten non-regulars showed up, which greatly expanded the pool. At least, until all of them left after one beer. ("This beer's warm!" "Uh, it's Bar None. It's not like you came here for the single-malt.")

... but I digress. My main competition in the election consists of two guys, BB and MK. BB had previously told me he had no intention of running for President, but appears to have changed his mind. Frankly, although either of them would do a competent job as President, I really am hoping they both run. They have the same friends, you see.

Plus, y'know, I'd do better. But it's hard to run on a platform of "Excuse me, but isn't it clear?"

Something about that whole "arrogance" thing.