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Fri, May. 5th, 2006, 11:17 pm

So, it's been an interesting couple of weeks.

Those of you who may have been following - which, I guess, would just be strikinglyalert, since I don't think any other Dozo types read the LJ - may have been slightly surprised that the SBA presidential election was won by a bright, easily-flustered woman rather than a large, bearded and easy-to-get-along-with man. For reasons I'd rather not get into, I found myself unable to take the election that was all but mine, and had to withdraw. At this point, it's not looking like I'll be back at Cardozo.

Long story short, two years at UB (in accordance with the ABA's sixty-credit policy for transfers) is cheaper than another year at Cardozo. Other than that, there's just not much to it.

For now I'm back in Buffalo. We'll see what happens from here.

I've been drinking this evening, which is most likely why I updated. I drank one of the 25-ouncers of Three Philosophers, a lovely lambic-style from Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown that reminds me of myself. At 9.8% abv, it's certainly a heavyweight, and once I've gotten through one or two of them, I can't help but be Professor Tom.

I also finished off a 25-ouncer of Apple Ephemere, one of the seasonal fruit beers from God's favorite brewery, Unibroue. I've had the Apricot Ephemere before at Swift's Hibernian Lounge, and it was swell. The Apple's not bad, but I've developed a bit of a taste for well-made cider like the Woodchuck Granny Smith, so it seems to pale in comparison.

For the record, the Dubliner white cheddar that I had with it went much, much better with the Three Philosophers. With the Ephemere, it left sort of a medicinal clove taste that I wasn't thrilled with.

Read the ex-ho's journal tonight. (Ho's a misstatement, considering that she posited herself an ethical virgin but was in fact a drama queen for whom virginity was an extra bargaining chip.) Interestingly, it doesn't mention the boy she was engaging in muchas smoochas with at Barrister's Ball. It also doesn't list me among the people she kissed at midnight last New Year's in her "Year in Review" quiz, which I find mildly interesting. I expected I'd at least rate a "Friend A, Friend B, Friend C, Friend D, and someone else who didn't deserve it" or something.

Funny how people's lives go on, isn't it?

But I digress....

Sat, May. 6th, 2006 04:45 am (UTC)

Took your ball and went home, eh? If I may be an asshole for a bit, that's pretty weak: it's not like you didn't already know the SBA was a coven of self-righteous twats when you signed up (in a non-gendered way, naturally). (Though recognizing that fact and losing an election anyway, as I did with law review, still hurts.)

Money's a valid concern, and if you haven't gotten what you'd hoped from the place by the end of your second year then there's a good case to be made for not sticking around to pay for the third. I just hope (and assume) you thought it over long and hard while sober.

(As for lambics, I remain a staunch advocate of Lindemans's cassis [currant] lambic.)

Sat, May. 6th, 2006 05:54 am (UTC)

Actually, for the record, I withdrew before the election when it became apparent I wasn't going to be around. It sort of threw things into a tailspin, which is why there's a rising 2L president who was elected by a yes-or-no vote. Turns out the guys who were planning to run against me didn't really want it.

Katie'll do a great job, though.

Sat, May. 6th, 2006 10:59 am (UTC)

Who wants to be Ramesh anyway?

Good luck upstate. I'm 4 exams away from also never coming back to Cardozo, though obviously for different reasons...

As to beer, I don't drink fancy stuff at home. When it comes from Vol de Nuit, hellz yeah. But otherwise I am quite happy with Brooklyn Pennant Ale when I want to splurge, Yuengling or Budweiser when I don't.

Sun, May. 7th, 2006 04:16 am (UTC)

I actually got to enjoy the Brooklyn stuff quite a bit. The black chocolate stout was absolutely incredible.

As it stands, I'm so glad to be able to get Labatt Blue cheap again. The stuff isn't ... well ... pleasant, but I grew up on it, and it's disturbing to me that it's "exotic" or "an import" outside of Buffalo.